Thunderbird rules & eMClient

Over the decades I have created a bunch of Thunderbird email rules based on which of multiple email accounts the rule is for. I have spent over an hour trying to get some of these rules re entered into eMClinet as the import process never brought them over.

Is there no way of having eM Client run a rule only on a specific email account i.e. only for email received on email account X? As far as I can tell there is no way to change the Scope of a rule. It also appears that eM Client MAY process all the rules one after another. In Thunderbird one can indicate that if a rule is processed then none of the following rules should be used.

Just scroll up/down in the options, and next/back in the buttons.

These options may not all be there for Rules if you are creating them on the server, so create Local Rules by selecting that option before creating a new Rule:


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Ok thanks for the clarification. There seem to be a lot of rules in Thunderbird that were not imported into eM Client about 10 of them. I will have to create those by hand and thankfully knowing this information I can create them properly. I see no Local Rules. What do you mean by creating them on the Server? Do you mean IMAP server?

The option next to the New Rule button will be there if you have email accounts configured that support server Rules. So servers like Google, IceWarp and Exchange.

@Gary, it would be nice if you support Sieve protocol. My company mail server is filtering messages on the server, but I manage rules on web based application.