Thunderbird Import OutOfMemory Error on WinXP

Installed Free (licensed) version on a WINXP desktop with 4GB of RAM. Installation and license registration went fine.
I clicked on ‘Import’, ‘Thunderbird’, ‘Full Accounts’, and selected the 2 accounts and local folders I wanted to import from Tbird,

eM Client showed a box that said ‘Preparing’, then showed the accounts and their basic folders in the left side. THEN, I got the following error:


what version of eM Client do you have? Could you try to import it again? If the error will reoccur, please send me your Thunderbird profile using
It is saved here: C:\Users\Current User\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles
Thank you

Same error.

And what version of eM Client are you using?

This is the same error I got. I am trying to get the company I work for over from Thunderbird to something more stable. The users have upwards of 8 to 14 GB of email and we need a stable platform. I tried to install the system on a user who has about 8GB of emails to import and partway through (about 85% through) I got the same error as listed above:


I am using what ever version was able to be downloaded yesterday (the 29th Dec, 2012) so I assume its the latest. However we are running Windows 7 pro instead of XP. As for the profile, I doubt I would be able to send it as there is proprietary company info in all of our emails.

can you please send us your “Import” log? Open Tools - Settings - Advanced - Logging and check “Import”. Then try to import it again and send us the log. Thank you.

Hello support, many years later :wink:

same problem (local folders, about 15 GB):


I´ve tried it several times (Thunderbird 78.5 to eM Client 8.0.3385)
Where to send my logs?


Well, eM Client does not run on Windows XP beyond the 30 day evaluation period, so no use in solving the import issue if you can’t use it for very long.

Please see: