thunderbird import corrupts dates

Imported two small folders (<2000 messages) from Thunderbird. Messages with dates like “4/12/2005 7:39 pm” were imported with date “11/30/2019 7:39 PM”.  I was hoping to purchase the lifetime pro, but this is a pretty fundamental issue given that I have many more folders, with many more messages (7 GB +).

Sorry … didn’t see original “solved” issue from 2 months ago even though I searched for it (“Thunderbird email imports with wrong date”). However, this happens on 100’s of messages, and the EML file contains a line like …

Date: Tue Apr 12 19:39:49 2005

so it clearly has the right data. Is it just a display issue? The Thunderbird version is 6.0.20154.0

Hi, what version of eM client are you using?

Thank you,

William is using 6.0.20154.0

Yep Hans, that was a typo. Sigh. The eM Client version is 6.0.20154.0.

Hi again William, can you please try updating to this version of eM Client, there were somu fixes made to import issues from Thunderbird, let me know if it helped in any way… (

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I installed v6.0.20266 and verified it in the About box. 
The local folders that I had imported looked the same.
So, I deleted the imported folders, emptied the trash, and re-imported the folders from Thunderbird.
No change. Same results.

Hi William, can you please export (into .eml file) some of the messages you’re having issues with and send these to my email [email protected]?

Thank you,

Sent 4 samples on Friday morning.

Hi William, I’ve discussed this issue with the developers, and I was told the issue is caused by some old mail client, that was sending out emails with a wrong formatting of it’s date, we’re working on a workaround for this issue, that should fix the issue with all your already imported emails as well, but the release date for the workaround has not been set and it might take some time.

Although this is not an eM client issue, I understand that this might be a bit misleading and annoying, please be patient hopefully we’ll be able to fix this issue soon.

Thank you for understanding,