Thunderbird email imports with wrong date.

I can provide a sample that shows email with a date in June 2000 that imports into emclient as 12/31/2017. I don’t know whether it is simply this one email, or whether many messages are incorrect.

This is obviously a non-starter. We can’t adopt emClient if dates are imported incorrectly.

I’ve successfully imported thousands of e-mails from Thunderbird into eM Client (version 6; not version 5), so I assume the issue you have is just with 1 or a few e-mails.

Thanks for the reply. I hope you’re right, Thunderbird is driving us nuts.

if you have more issues with this let us know.
As Hans mentioned we believe this is just a one-time occurrence.


Thanks for the response.

I will keep an eye out, but I only noticed this one by chance out of several thousand messages. It is possible that many of my messages are being altered, and that is the only thing keeping our small organization from adopting it. In this case, it translated the dateline:

Date: Mon Jun 26 18:34:46 2000

to Dec 31 2017 4:34pm

The mail headers don’t mention 2017 anywhere.

Thunderbird is a mess, but it doesn’t alter messages for any reason. I have trouble believing that only one message would be altered, and that I would stumble on it in an archive folder. I can’t move forward without at least an explanation as to why this alteration could happen.

Again, I can provide a sample message, or even just the headers on this topic if you’d like to try it.

What really puzzles me is that there are several malformed email messages in my content that ported over just fine - but this message, which is well formed, got mangled.

Not sure if this is indicative, but I also note that there is an “Unnamed attachment” attached that contains the text of the message. Strange indeed.

so is the issue only with one particular email or are there more emails that this is happening to?
We could maybe use the message(s) in .eml format, can you please send that to me to with a reference to this topic (link would be ideal).

Thank you,

That’s great, thanks - it’s on the way