Thunderbird 102.5.0 Contacts

I have Thunderbird 102.5.0 and went through the initial set up but discovered none of the contacts were imported. I went through the import process for Thunderbird using the selective import. It showed the Contacts folders under Local Folders for Thundebird. I clicked on the 4 or 5 address books and proceeded. Nothing changed. I have the addressbooks from Thunderbird under Contacts in emClient but there is no data in those folders.

I also checked under local folders and there is no Contacts folder there either. The Show Local Folders option is enabled.

If I export eM Client contacts to a vcf file, I can import this file in Thunderbird. Did you follow another route?

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Sorry, my initial post was not clear. I am going from Thunderbird to emClinet

Suggest then to manually "export your Thunderbird contacts to a file, and then import those into eM Client, via “Menu / File / Import”.

Select the Address Book button at the top of the Thunderbird screen.
From the left pane, select the address book you want to export.
Right mouse click and choose Export
Choose vCard.
Import this file in eM Client…

It is because Mozilla changed the format of their address book file, again.

We will update a future release of eM Client to allow for the new format, but until then use the export/import option that @cyberzork and @Emclientuser1 gave above.

I did the CSV option.