Three messages have not been sent recently and ended up in local "Archive" folder


recently I have found three messages that are in the “Archive” local folder but eM never gave me any warnings or errors, so I thought these had been sent. I’ve checked thrice, they’ve never been sent, they’re not in the sent folder of the IMAP server where all the other messages are, instead they lay in the “local folders/Archive” folder.

How can this happen and how to keep an eye open on that? Isn’t this a bug anyway?

Because you enabled automatic archiving, the messages will have been moved from the IMAP Sent folder to the local Archive Sent folder. That is not an error, but because you have enabled this feature.

If you don’t want to use automatic archiving, you can disable it again in Menu > Settings > Mail > Automatic Archiving.

No, I have NOT enabled automatic archiving. Just checked (but I would never do that). Also I want to stress out that these messages have NOT been sent, and that is a big issue. I believe this can happen when there is scarce connectivity, but I still guess it’s a bug.

[EDIT] just to be absolutely clear about the issue: I am sure I have pressed “send” and I DO NOT use the local folders at all (these are completely empty except these three archived messages). Yes I am absolutely sure that these messages have NOT been sent and that I have instructed eM to send them.

There will be no local Archive folders visible if you have not enabled automatic archiving. That is not possible.

There will also not be any messages to move if they have not been sent. The fact that you have the messages means they were sent. That they are in the local Archive folders means you enabled automatic Archiving. Or you moved them there yourself manually.

Just disable automatic archiving if you don’t want to use it, and move the messages back to their original folders.

I think you have originally described this incorrectly in the subject of the topic, or I misread what you wrote.

The local Archive folders are not part of Local Folders. They appear below the Local Folders.


If you mean the Archive folder within Local Folders, the way a message gets there is if you selected the message in a Local Folder and click on the Archive button, or pressed the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + A. So if the messages had not been sent, but were in the Local Folders Outbox awaiting sending, and you archived them using one of those two options, then that would explain how they ended up in the Local Folders Archive folder.

Dear Gary,

I love this e-mail client that I am trying to make my workplace buy, but please, buy for a second the fact that I do have ike 38 years of expertise using computers, and am a senior computer scientist. I do not have autoarchive on. I’ll send you screenshots later. I am as puzzled as you but before buying want to be as sure as I can this won’t happen again.

I have described above how the messages could end up there. Either it is through automatic archiving if they are in the local Archive folder, or manually archived or moved by you if the are in the Local Folders Archive folder. A third option is possible though; if you created a Rule to do this, but it will only move the messages there after they have been sent.

I just re-checked. I have no rules set, and even if I had archived the message manually, it should have been sent, and instead it was not sent. I have an educated guess.

It is very likely that I clicked “send”, and then archived the whole thread. Now is it possible that, when there is no network connectivity, and I archive a thread containing a message which has not been yet sent (maybe it’s in “outgoing” folder) then that specific message ends up in the local archive?

Well, it depends on where the message is that you archived. If it is in an IMAP Inbox or other synced folder, the message waiting to be sent in the Local Folder Outbox does not yet form part of the conversation. So archiving that message will not include the waiting Local Folder Outbox message.

If the message you archived is in the Local Folder Inbox, or one of those folders, then the message waiting to be sent will be part of the conversation. In other words, both the message you archived and the message waiting to be sent need to be in Local Folders. If you archive that message, the whole conversation including the Outbox message will be archived.