Threads vs Conversation View

Is there a way to use Thread view instead of Conversation view?

The main difference is that the Conversation View treats the entire conversation as a single item, and while I do see the utility of that, it is now how I want to work my email. I want to see a single email when I open it not the entire 20+ message thread at once, and I want to be able to delete individual messages, not the entire conversation.

Hi Jeffrey:

Go to Menu | Tools | Settings, and select “Mail” from the left-hand column. Select “Read” and you’ll see the setting for Conversations. You can disable it there.

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Also, Menu > View > Conversations

Apparently I wasn’t clear.

I do not want to turn off conversations/threading. I want control over individual messages within the conversation.

I do not want to load the entire thread’s worth of messages into the reading window, I want to load the individual message. I do not want to delete the entire conversation, I want to delete individual messages from it.  And I want to do this without unthreading the view.

Like Eudora, Thunderbird, The Bat, Outlook, Forte Agent…

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Seems not to be possible in emClient and Support also seems to be reluctant to implement the conversation view same as in outlook or thunderbird. Might be they do not use emClient themselves :slight_smile:

Employees like Russel Markosky and Olivia Rust, who comment in this forum, both use eM Client. :slight_smile:

I think rather than copying Thunderbird or Outlook’s style, eM Client has tried to develop something different. Personally I find that exciting because it gives a much broader range than just having every client being a clone of the others.

Jeffrey, I use conversation view in message detail only, and that works perfectly for me. I am able to see single mails listed in the message list, and can delete them individually, but there are the very helpful and discreet reminders at the top and bottom of the message that let me know how it fits into a conversation.

Maybe not for everyone, but then there are other email clients, so at least you have some choice.

When eM Client first rolled out their conversation mode, I will admit that I was somewhat disappointed as I was used to the Outlook style.  However, I find that as I used it I become more comfortable and now actually prefer this implementation.  I, unlike Gary, use the conversation in all views (just be careful when searching, this can become a little confusing) and I am quite pleased.

I think they tried to very closely emulate the Gmail approach, since that represents the bulk of their user base.

Is there any update about this topic as I like the threaded view in thunderbird very much and it was the reason why I have switched from emclient to thunderbird/mutt.

Nevertheless emclient is very nice specially when it comes to the calendar, therefore I would like to use it in the future but the threaded view is a show stopper for me.

Something like this would be nice:

What I’m seeing with “conversations in all views” are Emails with identical subjects mixed with other emails.  It would be nice to group emails with identical subjects.  This may not be called conversations but “thread mail with identical subjects” would be a great option.  The secondary sort doesn’t seem to accomplish this either.  The screen grab below from Windows Live Mail is what I was hoping for.

I also would like thread view (Thunderbird style), because it is so much more convenient to search and reply with long, complex threaded conversation.

Consider this view functionality, please. In all other aspects your product is great.


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I understand that eMclient doesn’t just want to ‘Clone’ other systems, but i honestly don’t understand why this isn’t an option. Would be great if emails are organised by thread/conversation in my inbox, and if I click on that message in the message list, I get an indented list of the emails in my inbox that are part of that thread. Like every other flipping email programme out there.

Well, that’s because eM Client isn’t every other flipping email client. Conversations are not the same as threads, because they include messages from all folders that are part of the conversation. Every other flipping email client doesn’t do that.

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So, this evening fifteen people replied to an email. It would have been nice to have seen a list of those responses, neatly ordered beneath the main thread caption. It’s a shame this functionality is denied the users, because I very much like just about everything else eMclient offers…

The conversation will show it has new messages, and the 15 replies can be seen neatly ordered beneath the original message in the message preview pane.

But I concede that this implementation is not to everyone’s taste. Fortunately there are options and you can install your choice from every other flipping email client.

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It’s really simple. Users (like me) want to see a hierarchical list of messages related to one conversation in the list view - not to copy Outlook, but because we find that useful. At the moment it is a pain to find a message in a long thread because you can’t see the thread properly. I don’t the issue in implementing this as an option - clearly emClient has the data or it would not be able to construct t he message detail view.

emClient seems to have no issue looking like Outlook in a look and feel way - the main interface, even down to the icons at the bottom left are very very similar to Outlook, as is the folders pane and the options on where to place the reading pane. I agree - don’t copy other email clients for the sake of it, but don’t refuse to implement good functionality just because another app does it.

Great news @AndyMarden.

Threaded views are one of the features we will be including in version 9.

No ETA as yet, but as they say . . . watch this space. :smile:

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Thanks - that’s good news.

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Thread view does sounds interesting in email. I’ve never seen that before. Would anyone have an example screenshot of what that looks like ?

This is what it looks like in Thunderbird.


eM Client’s implementation is much nicer, and more useful. Sorry I can’t give you a screenshot yet.

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Please include a feature where we can put signatures and social contact links, similar to Mailspring.