This program needs a lot of work!

I tried this eM email program, and I am not happy with it at all. There are too many glitches and no good answers for help. I am going back to Thunderbird; much more user friendly.

Hi, I have tried to find any your topic’s with reported problems, but I was unable to find any.
Have you reported problems with your eM Client?


I came looking for answers to several of your glitches, mostly about folders and found many frustrated users. I do not have time nor inclination to try and muddle through your mess. Have gone back to using Thunderbird. Much more user friendly and no glitches.

Hi, forum is showing only very little from our user base. Majority of our users has no problems at all and if so then we are able to help them in almost all cases.

Anyway I think that Thunderbird is even more buggy, it has stopped being developed long time ago.


Yes, there were issues with folders (folders not showing up anymore)…luckily that seems to have been solved in a recent update…and thus with 1 update a lot of (same) threads were solved.

I’ve used Thunderbird for 6-7 years, and for now I’m happy that I switched to eM Client (integrated calendar, integrated tasks, better support for contacts, more polished).

For me eM Client is more user friendly than Thunderbird, but I understand that different people have different opinions.

Anyway you can try using this newest version… it might solve any issues you still have.