This problem started in release 6465.0 and still occures in 6694 and6908.

This problem started in 6465. “Creating or updating folder conversation History/ failed due to the following error: Cannot move distinguished folder”
I cannot send or receive any email when this occurs. I have returned to version 5595. so I can use email. Help!

Remove the Hotmail account from eM Client, then add it again.

Gary, First of all thanks for looking at this post. I think I resolved it earlier this morning. I finally realized that the conversation folder that was alone in Outlook was a sub-folder on my machine. I mover the conversation folder to be alone in my config and then installed the latest release and all is well! I just never noticed that it was a sub folder under trash and have no idea how it got there but it was something I did awhile back, obviously! Thanks again.

Glad you got it sorted, Dick.