This may be a bug in free eM client. In Calendar: Multi-day event in month view disappears if 'one more event' overcrowding happens.

I apologize if this has been posted before, I haven’t checked all Calendar posts.
FYI: In Calendar: In Month view:  If I put an all-day multi-day event starting in say, Monday, then it’s OK and extends normally over several days to Wednesday. However, if I load up Monday with 6 all day events instead of 5, 3 dots appear at the top of the day box saying " one more event" and the multi-day event disappears from Monday, and all succeeding days. This doesn’t seem right to me, but maybe it is intended?
I would assume the same multi-day event bar will appear on all days of the event where there is room for it to appear while in the monthly view.   Of course, the multi-day event can be seen in the daily view, but it cant be accessed in the monthly view.
 Thanks for free client, I will buy ASAP I get a job !

The calendar is only able to display 5 events per day in month view. Therefore any additional events that are not able to be displayed are hidden, and the three dots displayed to indicate there are additional events for that day. This is normal.

The event will only be hidden in successive days if there are more than 5 events. On days where there are 5 or less, it will be displayed.

Recurrence of events:
Test 1= 7 days
Test 2= 6 days
Test 3= 5 days
Test 4= 4 days
Test 5= 3 days
Test 6= 2 days
Test 7= 1 days