This is far the worst email client I have used

I have used Em Client for 6 months while trying to find alternative to Outlook. For all this time I have found so many different issues that I think this is the worst client I have ever tested. It crushes, keep having problems syncing…uses wrong port numbers and doesnt work with correct ones. I had to remove config files and set them up at least twice times during this time. It works fine with Gmail though. That’s it. 

To be more specific:

  • problems syncing via IMAP ( everyday it stops working after certain time, I have to either restart it or go to offline mode/online mode)

  • it doesnt want to use correct ports for IMAP 993 (SSL) / 587 (TLS) - doesnt sync at all

  • works absolutely fine with gmail.

I’m using emClient from many years and had some problems at the beginning, solved by eMClient support. I have no imap problems with different ports on 10 e-mail addresses (only 2 gmail). I hope you’ll find some help, because eMClient is a very good and useful client :slight_smile:

Hi Peter, what mail service are you using with eM Client that you’re having issues with? Are there any errors thrown by the application? If so, can you please make a screenshot of the error and submit the screenshot here on the forum?

Can you please check what exact version of eM client you’re currently using on your computer, in Help > About?

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I certainly would complain about the UI and its usability and about the e-mail rule implementation but other than this it works quite well.

I like the CalDav and CardDav implementation and I’m using about 10 different accounts  with IMAP protocol w/o any severe problems.

Sorry to hear that you don’t like emClient. I’ve switched from Thunderbird to this client and I’m a happy user (so far ;-).

Even latest Outlook version does neither support CalDav/CardDav, does not offer e-mail aliases and has got its issues with multiple accounts.


It really has some good sides (G contact and calendar sync, which works perfectly) so I am really disappointed.

I am using 6.0.21372.0 version.

I am using my own dedicated server. It has been tested with Thunderbird which is using correct ports and receiving emails right away. Same two android devices…they receive my emails…no issues whatsoever.

This is what I see after couple of hours after starting emclient.
It keeps loading and loading. From time to time it gives me imap connection error.

I really would love to buy pro version as it is one of two really alternatives to Outlook but since the beginning I have constant problems using the client.

Lucky you then. I like the simplicity of UI. I can easily find everything. It’s fast too.

Outlook became too overloaded (with less important functions)  and its slowest then windows 3.11.  This is why I need an alternative. Thing is…Outlook receive my emails…and em client doesnt. Its like using car without wheels :wink:

Hi again Peter, what mail/caldav/carddav implementation or service are you using on your server?

If there’s any error thrown, can you please make a screenshot of the error and when it occurs, switch to the log tab in operations, copy the content of the log and submit the log to us here on the forum?

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imap for mail only.

I will attach error message when it appears again. Thanks for your help.

Hey Paul…there are no errors. It is just hanging while trying to connect to IMAP.

Hi again Peter, if the issue persists, can you please navigate to Tools > Settings > Advanced and enable IMAP logging for the problematic account?

  1. Save the settings
  2. Restart the application
  3. Replicate the issue
    Once the issue reoccurs, please go back to the advanced settings window and submit the logging data to my email, [email protected], by using the “send logs” button.

Please include a reference link (URL) to this forum topic with the logging data.

Thank you,