This having to obtain a free license multiple times.

I know this has been discussed before. The answer was are you trying to use the license on multiple computers. I am retired, no business. I have several machines. Mostly XP’s that won’t die and a new 8.1  If you open eM Client and is says you need to get a license, wouldn’t that be talking about the machine you are on? So when you go to get one and is says, You already have a license, isn’t it talking about the machine you are on if in fact eM can associate between different machines? That’s not clicking in. On one hand eM knows you need to get a license, your trial is almost up, and yet it doesn’t know the license it says you ALREADY have is for another pc?  Please explain.

Unfortunately, free license can be issued with one seat only on a single email address, please note that eM Client is a commercial product, and free license is only for home and personal use. If you require a single license for all your computers, you can always purchase the application on our website,


As I mentioned above, I am retired, no commercial business and my computers are only for email, my banking and a little social networking. One of the answers I found here said if you use it for home on several computers you have to have a license for each computer. I’ll look for that again. Is said nothing about purchasing an application for free license on several home computers. Maybe something has changed since that asnwer was given. Thanks! :-/

And I use the same one and the same email on all computers?

Hi Jack,

I believe you can get 1 free license per e-mail address. And that 1 free license can be used on maximum 1 computer.

The company making eM Client can not give away too many free licenses … how would they be able to pay their employees?

I hope the company will earn a lot of money, so they can hire enough skill full engineers, so we can get the best e-mail client as soon as possible.

Okay surely that’s understandable. Human nature says we are always going to be tantalized by “free” … especially when you are retired on a VA medical pension that is below Fed Standards of income. I have to shop for free in many things or I could lose the very home I live in. I’d say if the free licenses are a detriment they should be done away with. A donation? I’ve been known to do that. One computer is fine. Basically I only wanted a program that would have my mails, contacts and calendar backed up somewhere if the internet was down and gmail goes “bye bye” with the internet. eM does this just great. Gmail is my main mail program. Surely I wasn’t wanting to sound greedy. I’ll just un-install it off the 2nd pc. I’m pretty sure the one I am on, the Win 8.1 is the original pc where I loaded it. Thanks for all the help. It is written somewhere that the free users should come to the community for support. The phones are for commerical users. So I came here. You all do fine work and I appreciate the help. I can see no use to purchase a commerical license. I don’t do any commerce. lol  ":-Dx   jack