Things to improve or missing in emClient 7.x

Several wishes are general, but for me they are only relevant for POP3 accounts. Imap is because of personal archiving necessities meaningless for me.

I switched from „TheBat!“ – this may explain most of the list entries. Nevertheless I bought a license and currently I am quite confident with emClient in general. I switched, because I see mor potential in emClient in compare to TheBat.

I set the following list as „problem“ because it slows down my daily work substantially, and I am currently not shure how long I can tolerate that.

  • Search performance and search options are restricted
    • very slow (dealing with < 50k mails in some account)
    • no regular expressions!
    • no option to save a search as basis for a filter
    • no option for search folders like „all accounts, in/out, last three days“
    • order of „simple folders“ can not be altered
  • very restricted filter
    • options can only combined as x AND y
    • no option for selective rules on single accounts
    • no combining rules e.g. if (…) OR ((…) AND (…))
    • no regular expressions!
    • spam filter not configurable
  • very restricted keyboard control
    • many operations can only accessed by mouse
    • e.g. „new contact“ can not be „tabbed“, after „private date“ inner form looses focus
  • very smal set of shortcuts
    • several „global“ shortcuts, e.g. „new contact“ directly from mail or calendar (and vice versa)
    • several functions only accessable by mouse, e.g. create contact from current e-mail adress
    • many form shortcuts do not work, e.g. „new contact“, in German „&Zeigen als“ („Display as“?), does not drop on ALT Z
  • only „dumb“ quicktexts
    • only gloabally, no account depending setup possible (it does not make sense to offer all quicktexts, if only some of them fit to the active account)
    • no vars i.e. %name%, thar are replaced with available contact information (or default)
    • no shortcuts for extended editor functions (open quicktext dropdown, create link,…)

Long list NoSi. You should have posted it as an Idea rather than a problem.

Some of the things you mention can be done.

Search performance and search options are restricted

Which regular expressions do you need to use?

You can save searches as Search Folders - these are filters. Once you have entered all your search parameters, click on Create Search Folder.

An idea for searching in/out, is to use from you for out, and to you for in.

Age of emails is something I have proposed myself. Please vote on the idea at

I will reply to the others separately

very restricted filter

You can sometimes use OR. See my reply in concerning searching in labels. In this way it is also possible to use both AND and Or in a search. Give me an example of what you want to filter if you would like me to show if it can be done.

You can apply a rule to a specific account by selecting it in the rule wizard when creating the rule.

You can configure the spam filter.

  1. Delete the rule.
  2. Create a new rule from the list - Move spam messages to Spam folder. This will create an editable version of the one you just deleted.

What regular expressions do you want to use?

very restricted keyboard control

e.g. „new contact“ can not be „tabbed“, after „private date“ inner form looses focus

Can you explain what this means?

very smal set of shortcuts

New Contact = Ctrl+Shift+K Works from anywhere

How do you propose to create a contact from an email address by keyboard shortcut? First you need to indicate which address you want to use, and the mouse is obviously the best way to do that.

only „dumb“ quicktexts

Variables are available in the mass mailing feature.

But I agree, QuickTexts can be much improved. I did submit an idea somewhat along these lines

:slight_smile: This is one of the reasons, I like emclient: the fast community.

account-filter: you got me – I did not saw that before. Thanks for hint.


tabbing example (each arrow is a TAB key:

new contact: a not well though example. Excuse me. But how about „Set all junk mail to read“ or „switch calendar view to month“, or „go to next _unread_ mail“ or simple close a dialog with ESC (sometimes work, sometimes not), … ?

In most cases a mail has one sender. This is – in my case – the adress, I want to have in my contacts (because these contacts should be automatically whitelisted, I am not shure, if emClient spam filter behaves in this way).

More than one e-mails can be offered in a popup list, to select with arrow keys from.

I can not understand, why mass mailing suport variables, but quick text don ́t.

Possibly a Quick Text can hold variables an I send a mail in this case as „mass mail“ – I will test this as a workaround (not nice, but if it works, acceptable).


Where is the list / function „variables“ as described in help? I have no enty „variable…“ in my list (German interface), switching to English interface does not change anything.

Update: I found it in context menu, that is not mentioned in help, I was searching in „more…“

The variables do not fit the need. If I recieve a mail from “Rick Miller” <rmiller@bla.tld>, the reply with {full name}  leaves the variable empty.

To understand, what I am missing, I show you the „standard reply form“, I used with „TheBat!“:

%IF:"%TONAME"="%TOADDR":"Hello!":%-"%IF:'%TOFNAME'='%TOLNAME':'Hello!':'Hello %TOFNAME %TOLNAME,'"

This results in

Hello Rick Miller, |

If sender adress is only „rmiller@bla.tld“ it results in

Hello! |

where „|“ is the next cursor position.

TAB key. After Privater Termin it goes to Zeigen als, then Kategorie etc. There is a problem there as it is not obvious where the cursor is because it is not highlighted as the previous fields were.

OK I understand about your shortcut requirements. There are a few ideas already proposed for single key shortcuts, QuickText shortcuts etc. Maybe your requests will add to the obvious requirement for shortcuts to be expanded. I personally find that moving into an age of touchscreens, keyboard shortcuts are not used as much in my own environment. After I have been using the Surface Pro for a while, sitting at my desktop I automatically want to touch the screen to do certain things. For me, the mouse just seems to be a better option. That’s just me. :slight_smile:

When you send an email contacts are automatically added to a recipient history. Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Compose > Recipient’s History. But that only is useful as a suggestion next time you type in the To field. It cannot be added to a whitelist, or copied to Contacts. Again, no keyboard shortcut if you want to add the sender of your received email to Contacts. Your only option is to right-click and add to contacts. If custom shortcuts were introduced, maybe that would be possible.

The spam filter works on tags in the message header like X-Spam: Yes. Or if you have blacklisted an address or domain.

You can select next and previous messages in the preview pane, message list or a single email window with Ctrl+. or Ctrl+,

I was a big supporter of QuickText addon in Thunderbird. It had the functionality you want. I would LOVE to see the same in eM Client.

Yes, variables are not documented except to say that they can be used. The normal method is Menu > Insert > Variable, or right-click > Insert > Variable.

The variables ONLY work with the mass mailing function. I proposed an idea along these lines.

I dissagree to your opinion, that the necessity of shortcuts will decrease. Touchsreens are far away from usablity for productive work. If I have to answer a few mails per day, this might be o.k., but it is much to slow for efficiant working with 30 mails or more a day, with more than “o.k.” or “no” as text.

This is the reason for optionally keyboards you can buy for touchpads, if you will operate them in a business. If you have a keyboard for working, it is more time consuming to touch the screen instead of accessing STRG … . Additionally, a big UHD screen (as I use) would require excessive arm movements that are considerably more strenuous than a short cut.

Typically, a qualified e-mail adresse (e.g. “Mike Miller” <m.miller@bla.tld>) contains the correct name of the sender. It is a „heavy time saver“, if you can answer an e-mail with a personal opening, that is created automatically from the available information.

I want to move fast beween unread mails inside a current folder. This is different to next/previous.

I added my ideas to the quick text idea.

I added this to another idea, but I want to add it to my list, too:

Automatical whitelisting of all contacts.