Things I don't like about eM Client 8

8,I really like most of the improvements in version 8. But there are a couple of things that I don’t like. One is an annoyance, the other is a problem.

The annoyance: When upgrading to a new release, do not change the sort order of my mail folders! I have all my folders set to display by date in descending order. After installing version 8, they were all in ascending order. That’s like coming into my house to replace my couch and rearranging my furniture while you’re there.

The second issue is a big problem for me. I’m an “older gentleman” and my eyesight isn’t what it used to be. Someone made the decision in version 8 to make all the text on tags white. I’ve set up a lot of calendar tags, and some of them–like light green—are almost unreadable. And the tag editor has no way to change this.

Please add the ability to change the text color on tags.

~~ Kurt


There is only one thing wrong with V8 imo, and that is mine doesn’t work, and I’m getting a bit tired of being told to disable my AV and Firewall so it will. You shouldn’t have to do that in order that an email system operates the basics and that is to send and receive emails.

don’t know about the sort order of mail folders - will have to wait for an update.

agree with the text colour on tags. make it changeable.

All of my new emails are tagged as Important, and thus the text is yellow!! Can’t find where to STOP emails being tagged as Important. Any suggestions?

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just adding

i hate these washed out colour schemes
and dark is no solution - i hate a black screen even more!

and this goes for the forum as well!

They have taken a perfectly good, reliable piece of software and added bells and whistles most of which are unneeded and some of which are proably causing the instabilities many seem to be finding… Who needs icons next to folders! I don’t need them to draw me a picture to undrerstand that it’s a folder! Agree with you about the washed out look. I’m back on version 7 and shan’t be ‘upgrading’ again any time soon.


Agree about text on tags being white (or faded version of tag colour). I’ve too have set up a lot of calendar tags, and as already reported many are now almost unreadable. Please reset to black or allow choice within the tag editor. Many thanks

with this new update the text in calendars are black again! hurra!

just found out - depends on the background colour.

Sadly though the massive amount of wasted space where the days are in month view is still not fixed. Compare the old to the new on a smaller laptop 1366x768. Its totally unusable. Its form over function and has destroyed the calendar and therefore V8 for me so will never use it!!:

Version 7

Version 8

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I just downloaded eM Client on a new pc and can’t get rid of these “Important” Tags in my emails. Most are not at all important in the least and I’d like to decide for myself what’s important. I found how to get rid of them individually but that’s just not going to work. I don’t want them there in the first place. please help!


I just downloaded eM Client on a new pc and can’t get rid of these “Important” Tags in my emails.

If you have a Gmail acct, most emails are marked by default as “Important Tag” arriving in the Inbox. However you can modify the Gmail mailbox filter settings (online) to stop this as in the eM Client support link below. Also as per the link info, from eM Client 8.1 onwards, there is now a settings to “disable” this in your eM Client Gmail account. See screenshot below.

Gmail - All of my messages are marked as Important, how to stop it? - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software ( 1

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Cyberzork: Thank you so much! That’s been driving me crazy. :+1:

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