These changes would be nice in version 7.

Would like  the Refresh button name changed to Send/Receive. Refresh sounds like to refresh the page rather than send or receive. Add the option to arrange the action buttons(Delete, Reply, Forward) and rest where you want them at top.

I would agree with the Refresh suggestion for the Mail tab, however, it is appropriate when on the Calendar or Contacts tab.

As for customizing the order of the action buttons, right-click up on the top toolbar area and you will get a “Customize” menu where you can then order the buttons to your preference.

  • Merg

Thanks Merg. I did not see the move up or down arrows. But I see you still can’t move the Refresh button as it is not listed. That was the one I did want to move the most too get it like the version 6 was, in the middle. Do you know of a way to do this.