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Fresh install of Windows 8.1 and Em Client. Default Programs shows emclient is default, Settings-Make Default has been done. When I rclick a pic and Send to Email – I get the error.

Hi Mark, some users have already reported a similar issue in the past few months, but we’ve come across few steps that may be causing this to happen.
Can you please make sure you have both .NET framework 2 and 4 installed on your computer and updated to it’s most recent release?

This issue has been caused in the past by missing .NET 2 installation on users computers.

Thank you,

Thank you,
I went to this page:
which says that the framework is for Windows Server 2003, Windows XP.
I’m on WIndows 8.1 and would like avoid installing outdated or unnecessary software. I just did a fresh install of 8.1 to avoid the bloat.
Is there way I check to see if I have both Net 2 and Net 4 installed and updated?

Hi Mark, sorry, my mistake. It is needed to have a .NET framework installation containing .NET 2 components, which can be .NET 3 as well (but not .NET 4).
So you don’t have to install .NET framework 2 on your computer but please install the latest available version of .NET framework 3.

You can check if the framework is installed on your computer in Uninstall Programs in your operating system.

Hope this helps,