There doesn't seem to be a setup option for gmail pop account??

Can someone tell me how to setup for a gmail pop account?

I think the trick is to go to Mail, Other and put in the server names directly. If you use the gmail wizard it defaults to imap.


If you want to setup you email account as POP3 instead of IMAP (yes, automatic setup always use IMAP if it is possible) then use this - Tools - Accounts - New Account - Mail - Other and write all required data manually.


I make use of Gmail for my email, and associated contacts and calendar- all on my one gmail account. I really do prefer POP as the protocol for my pc- I access via a mobile for IMAP, but want to keep the server clean.
I also have the same setup for my wife- on her own gmail.

Naturally- this is not working at present. I can set up the first email account via Mail > other… but then need to do calendar separately- that is then seen as the 2nd account! I have reached the limit for the free license.

Is there a way to overcome this?

If I use the wizard, the entire account is set up with IMAP, contacts, calendar included as one account.

Otherwise- I really find eM Client to be the best in all respects.


no there is no way how to setup Calendar when setting Mail over Mail - Other as that is supposed to setup email only and it is not planned to be changed.