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Hey all, newbie here. I downloaded the eM Client a couple hours ago and am tooling around in my main email account’s Inbox, and after answering everything in there I’m noticing that sub-folders show as empty, despite knowing (by checking my webmail) they they in fact are not empty. Every folder other than the Inbox says “There are no messages in this view.” I’ve clicked the Refresh button and waited, and nothing.

Additionally, although I can see emails in some folders in another email account, when I click on them, even if it was from yesterday, the body of the email doesn’t download. It’s just spinning (grey ribbon at top) for like five minutes now. Another account I can read only the first email in the Inbox, but not the second. Just spins.

Could this be because I haven’t paid the fee yet? I did import five email accounts from Thunderbird, and I see the free version only allows for two accounts. Could it be that eM Client is still downloading emails in the background? Should I remove all but two accounts to get this to work correctly? If it works for me, and is quick, I fully intend to buy the Pro license for two devices (office and home).


Ok, I removed all but two email accounts and I’m still unable to read anything beyond the tenth email in my Inbox. It just spins. Could it be still downloading emails?

Alright. I shut the app down and started it up again and now I can see email in sub folders, and also that it’s downloading all the emails in that folder.

Seems like I’m all set for now, unless anyone has additional advice.

Happy eMC is working fine. I guess it was only a question of patience (and time).
If ever this happens again, and if you use IMAP, I guess you’ll need to resync all data from your email server. So if you have an “All Mail” folder, right ckick on it, Properties, Repair tab, and Repair. This action will resynchronize the contact of your local cache with your email server.

Yes, patience is a virtue!

… although I’m in my inbox now and an email that came in ten minutes ago is just spinning spinning spinning. In fact, all new emails in the past hour are doing the same. Had to close the app, wait a minute or two, then launch it again. I seem to see that scrolling gray bar quite a lot.

Did you apply what I recommended in a previous post?

Yes, did that after the reboot and everything came back just now. Thanks.

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… though when it came back it marked all my recent emails as read, even though they weren’t.

When I leave the office today I’ll let eMC run overnight to see if it finishes pulling down all my email in the folders still marked as empty (though they’re not). I have about 8.5GB in total across a couple dozen folders/mailboxes in my main email account. If they’re not all there tomorrow morning I’m going to have to bag it.

Thanks for your help, Mr. Gun. I do appreciate it, and sorry if it seems like I’m venting. There’s a reason why I’m trying to switch email clients, and my ire was very high before I came here. :slight_smile: