theme creator

Is it possible to have a theme creator.Doing stuff in note book line’s etc. Is not my thing.I do’nt like the colors. Incredimail has skins. and give you a nicer vieuw and color round you mail. ![]( 14h_58m_24s inline.jpg?1460293259 “Image:”)

I know that’s not the purpose of your mail. But for some people like me I will be nice when you open you mail. to see something like this.

Hello Riamaria,
we do have few themes in Tools>Settings>Appearance themes.
It’s possible to edit the XML file of your current theme to change colors, but that’s not as many options as you seem to have in mind.
Thank you for sharing your idea though, so our developers can consider this change for future updates.


I am not a expert with xml or html. But thanks for looking in to it.