The worst email client I've ever seen

Hello, Em client devs!

Em client is very beautiful app, that has much more functions that Thunderbird. But that how it sync letters make me to cry. With Thunderbird I downloaded all letters for offline work easy enough. As for em client, it didn’t see all letters. I need to restart this app to make it to continue download other letters. And then restart again. OK. Then I click on any letter and see, that it just start to download from Internet, and it’s not an offline copy. And very often some Em client can’t to download email. But I see that there is no sync and errors. And I need to restart it to fix this issue. I didn’t have such problem with Thunderbird! So after I see all letters are synced there are no offline copies of my letters. When I see "synchronizing folder ", I suggest that Em client download headers of letters and their bodies. But it seems for me it’s no so. So I don’t know how to get offline copies of all my letters.

Shortly, cool features multiplied to zero = just garbage.

I was so close to buy this app. But no – Em client is the first app I hate.


miércoles 13 octubre 2021 :: 2024hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Orlean

I am sorry it is very difficult to understand all that you have written because of your use of the infinitive with and without the particle.
Also what are the letters that are missing?
Have the letters been sent as an email attachment?
If you have a sync issue this could be caused by your ISP/email provider and or a poor internet connection.
How long have you been using eMC as a Free version?
If you are not certain that you have eMC setup correctly for offline use, read the help file for instructions by pressing F1.
When you have read the help file and setup eMC correctly I will be pleased to hear your comments based on a better understanding of eMC.

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Hablo español, luego portugués e inglés, con conocimiento de varios otros idiomas.

Hi, @skybat. My native lang is Russian. Maybe, that’s why it’s hard to understand my message. I used Deepl translator to check my message before post and It translated my post to Russian correctly…

I installed eMC trial version today. I used this link to download app:
I tried it on my work computer and home notebook with the same sync issues.

I can create video that show how I created account and what issues I faced. Maybe this will be much more better than my bad English. But I need email I send this video and all log files. I wouldn’t like to share this video to everything reading this forum.

I’m ready to buy this app if I will see that sync works correctly.



You can change your mail account to “Download Messages for offline user” by going to “Menu / Accounts” and click on the “IMAP” tab and placing a check in the box as per below Gmail example.

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In addition to @cyberzork’s suggestion, you can always move messages from the imap inbox etc. to Local folders for Local storage. That removes them from the server, and keeps them on your local computer.

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