The size of the preview of the attached images.

I would be very happy if there was an option allowing to set default amount of scaling attached images preview. Or additionally switch off the preview. I would prefer to see a few scaled down pictures next to each other under the e-mail. So that high-resolution images do not require scrolling the screen. So that you can see several images at once. It would be much more convenient. Of course, the possibility of zooming in after clicking should remain.
Option like: set default attachments preview max-height

Generally the image size is set by the message HTML which is generated by the sender’s email client. But you can zoom in and out using Ctrl and mouse wheel. Or Ctrl +. Ctrl -, and Ctrl 0 to reset.

Sory I think its little misunderstanding. I had something else on my mind. When you add bitmaps to the email as _attachments_, they are displayed automatically under the message. Unfortunately, when there are many of them and they are also large, there is no way to see them without long scrolling through the images. So if the program would generate these previews smaller it would be more convenient.