The sidebar Agenda should hide "Yesterday" and expired "Today" events

Basically, I would like the agenda to function the same as Outlook or Thunderbird’s Lightning calendar.

I simply do not find much use for “Yesterday” and expired “Today” events.

Would like the option to hide these calendar events.

I’m very particular about such things, and have uninstalled the application solely because of this issue.

I do not agree with you as I find them most useful. I even proposed an idea to increase this functionality.

Maybe a setting that can be changed to enable/disable them would make everyone happy?

Yes, I welcome increased options to customize exactly what is shown on the sidebar agenda.

This is really my only major issue with eM Client. Otherwise I would’ve already transitioned away from Thunderbird.

I found it interesting in the idea I proposed, that Michal Burger from eM Client seemed to think that it was not supposed to show yesterday at all.

Tim, one of the reasons I prefer eM Client over Thunderbird is the Agenda. It just looks so much nicer, can include events beyond Thunderbird’s 4 week limit, and can exclude folders. If it can be customized further, I am all for that! :slight_smile:

I agree.  New to eM Client and found it odd that it’s listed as “Show upcoming events” and yet it shows events from earlier in the day.  I’m all for having the option to show them for the people who want it, but right now it’s just mislabeled.

Unfortunately, eM Client has decided that past events in Agenda is a bug and will be disabling this feature in upcoming versions. I think this will apply to yesterday’s events only, not events from the same day.

For me, this decision is a deal breaker. Having a limited view of past events is extremely useful. And besides, the definition of agenda does not indicate future events only!!!