The search does not return all names


I perform a search with a name, e.g. John, and the result shows only a few names to John. Not all name beginning with John appear.
My eM Client its the newer version

Resintall the eM Client and the problem its solved.
Version is 5.0.17595.0

Today the problem back…

I have the same problem.

If I search for “steve”, I get back all contacts that have the string “steve” in the email address or the notes.

Unfortunately, none of the contacts named “steve” (that don’t have the string “steve” in the email address or notes) appear in the results list.

This makes the contact search function mostly useless.

I have the exact same problem, running on Vista, newest version of eM Client

We are aware of this issue and are currently working on the fix.

When will this be resolved? Do you have a target resolution date in mind?

Fixed version is already released. Do you still encounter search issues?

After one week of emclient I hate to say it, but Outlook search is better.  Searching for the same string in outlook returns many more responses. whether it is a string in a body, subject, or name.  emclient totally misses some emails.  Once I find the email in outlook, I go to it in emclient and the word I’m searching for is there. Running 6.0.20310  is there any way to get the search index to rebuild?

In the data directory of eM Client are the following files:

  * mail_fti.dat

  * mail_index.dat

The first file is for the ‘Full Text Index’.

I guess that you can do the following:

  1) close eM Client

  2) delete mail_fti.dat     (I don’t know whether you should also delete ‘mail_index.dat’)

  3) restart eM Client

I guess eM Client will rebuild it’s full text index then automatically again.

But beware: don’t do this now! Wait till someone of EM Client has confirmed this!!!

Of course, a user interface option to rebuild the index would be the best.

Thanks for the reply, it would be good to know the status of index also. For instance, it appears that emclient is not indexing my entire library, it only goes back ‘so far’ not sure what that number is but looks like 90 days.

Hi Mike, there’s no limit here, the eM Client search feature is indexing the whole database content, so everything that’s in the database should be displayed in search results…

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Can you answer the original question?  Can we rebuild the index, clearly something is amiss.

The original question has been answered 11 months ago, the issue has been fixed and the search result should work properly now, what issues do you receive while using the search field?

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All due respect but search is *not* working as expected. I detailed the issue in my original post.  Items searched in outlook come up, in emclient they don’t.  Can I force re-index?  I find it increasingly hard to find items in my email.  For instance, just this morning I searched my sent folder for an email address that I’ve previously sent an email to.  No results.  Went to my iphone searched my sent folder for the same word, 24 emails came up.  I went to emclient for that day, and it was there, but never came up in your search results.

I’m guessing it’s an anomoly, so I’m simply asking can I rebuild the index to see if that fixes it.

Hi, no you can not force re-index. It’s not possible there’s no option for this.

Can you give me an example of what you were searching for in what folder and what results came from the search field?
Some users have a problem with search mostly because the search setup is improperly setup, click on the little magnifying glass in the search field and make sure you’re searching through all folders maybe or selected folder including subfolders (needless to say the search results will be shown for selected folders only) and that you’re searching through the right field.

The default setup can be to search through subjects of emails thus you might not be able to find an email when you’re searching for an email address.

Please if you are completely sure your setup is right, can you make screenshots of the search settings, your search criteria and unexpected results shown?

You might also find useful to use options like “” that you can use in the search field for better search results.

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I went into each of my accounts and ticked “Download messages for offline use” and my search lit up like a xmas tree! 

This is a perfectly acceptable resolution, storage is cheap, my patience is not :slight_smile:


Hi, that’s another solution for this issue, without the download messages for offline use, eM Client is only able to search through headers of messages, since bodies of messages are download after you click on the message. Thus without this option you can not search for anything else except Subject/email addresses etc.

Glad that it works now, let me know if you have any further questions or if you come across any issues with the application.

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