the program doesn't start

The program doesn’t start - worked fine as a free version as soon as I converted over to paid, it hasn’t worked properly. I click on the icon nothing happens. I end up having to re-boot. Sometimes it will work after reboot sometimes not. I’m not sure if there is a 30 day money back guarantee but I’m about ready to uninstall. I need a product that works more often than not and that hasn’t been the case. I have it set up to work with my google apps account.

When you installed, you installed over existing demo installation instead of deinstall it before? Did you dektivate Virus Scanner. Did you install in admin mode. If you all save with menu file -> export (including config),myou can just deinstall abd import all back. So, you will get a clean new installation.

I didn’t install over a demo that is the only version I had. I purchased a license was sent a license number opened my demo version entered the license number and it has been acting up since. If you have a link where I can download the paid version I would love to know.

I’m not sure, that the phenomenom starting just with entering a license code into demo version and nothing else happened. Could it be, that you caught a Virus in just this time and you think only it is the emClient Code Entry? You did an actual virus scan. You checked the HD for errors? Just entering a license code seams to me strange for that problem you describe.