The primary phone number is not displaying correctly in main Contacts view

I have selected Work to be my primary number in the contact card. The Fax number is second but when I see the contact card in the main view of Contacts it lists the Fax # first and because it doesn’t say “Work” and “Fax” I can’t tell which is which. Shouldn’t the primary number display first in the main view? I can provide screen shots. I’m on version 6.0.19714.0.

Hi, we have investigated it and we have decided that we will most likely change this behaviour. No ETA on it, but info is that developers will take a look at it.


Thanks Jan. Optimally, in the main Contacts view, it should list the primary number first but also indicate what the numbers are (ex: Work, Home, Mobile, Fax). Given this view doesn’t tell you what the numbers are means you have to click into the Contact card to confirm what you’re dialing which is a pain.

So maybe the view looks something like:
Joe Smith
W: 800-555-5555
M: 800-555-0000


Joe Smith
W: 800-555-5555
F: 800-555-0000

You get the idea.

Thanks again!


Yes, I got it. But as I wrote it is on them if they will decide to implement it. Currently there is no new information on this.


Just want to push this thread again. I really (!!) need to see which number is what. Very often a took the fax number instead of the phone number and also I don’t know which number is office and which number is home. Please, just change the symbols in the right sidebar!!

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving this in future releases of eM Client.

Thank you,