The move to or copy to onthe trash folder of gmaiil simply deleted the message without transfering or copying 7.1.32088.0

Please help CK Connolly

Did you look for the missing messages in the All Mail folder?


Sorry, I did not understand your original question when I commented earlier. Looking at it now, I think maybe I have managed to decipher what you are asking.

Are you asking why a message was deleted when you moved it to your Trash folder?

No they were deleted altogether when I tried to move them from, or copy them from, the trash folder to inbox gmail

I understand this is some issue with GMail. What happens is that the label is removed from the message, so it ends up in All Mail. But if they are not there, hopefully a GMail user will comment further, as I don’t use eM Client with GMail.

It does not go to all mail it disappears altogether

I tried with btinternet. to btinternet inbox it says it does not support the transfer but to gmail inbox it works!