The message wasn't downloaded because you're not connected to the server

I get the message shown in the subject line when my PC has been inactive for a while. The downloads appear to be irretrievable. I havemade no changes to eM Client.

Try the following for that problem.

1). Click Refresh button at the top.
2). Click on other emails and then click back on the original email.
3). Close and re-open eM Client.
4). Next check that eM Client hasn’t gone into “Offline Mode” via “Menu / File / Work Offline”.
5). If its still a problem, then you may have something Interferring with eM Client connection. These can be things, like eg: Optional Firewalls, Antivirus programs, VPN’s etc.

Thanks Cyberzork, but nope - nothing doing :frowning_face
The problem seems to be sporadic - sometime an email gets through okay - like yours just did - other times - nada! Just that dratted message.
I’d try reinstalling eM Client, but I’d like some guidance - I don’t want to lose my old correspondence, or my Contacts list! Anyone help please?