'The message wasn't downloaded because you're not connected to the server.' Graphics missing, can't reply.

How best can this be permanently resolved?
‘The message wasn’t downloaded because you’re not connected to the server.’

Elements of the email message are missing, I can’t reply or forward these same messages.

Things work perfectly in Outlook.com for this account.

Using eM Client Ver. 7.0.30068.0 on Win 7 Pro.
The app doesn’t find an Updated version.

Go to http://www.emclient.com/release-history and download version 30508.  Version 30068 was problematic and eventually pulled by eM Client.  I know, it should show the update in eM Client, but it dies not.  Hopefully this will fix the issue.

Ok, I have installed Ver 7.1.30508.0.

This messages display in the top section of most messages:
“The message will be downloaded the next time you go online”

So still no Inline graphics (png file) in the bodies are displaying in eM Client.

They are displaying in Outlook.com web application.
And displaying in Nine email client for Android (connected to same Outlook.com account).

Is there a setting in eM Client to block all graphic content?  Not found.

This should not be happening.

I removed the Outlook.com (EWS) account and reinstalled it.

Now with the newest version everything is working!

Can you explain in detail your steps? 

Hello Jeff,

Please check in http://www.emclient.com/release-history that you have the newest version of eM Client.
Then go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and delete the account. Then add the account again in the same path.