The "Junk E-mail" folder

New user (version 7). Before making a complaint :slight_smile: I want to say that this really is the email app I’d hoped to find. I set up a trial version of Outlook and found that it was just as grim and dreary to configure and use as ever, with that accursed ribbon bar adding yet another layer of Dreary to the process. I used Eudora for years and finally decided I had to give it up. I figured I’d never find another program like it. But eM Client seems to be the cure for this ailment. :slight_smile: Now, on to the problem…

I see a number of posts here about email messages doing to Junk E-mail that shouldn’t be there. I’m seeing the same thing. One person from the company replied as follows to a post about this:

eM Client can only move emails to junk folders if you’ve blacklisted the email address or domain, but you’d have to do that manually.
You can also edit the blacklist, or just see what addresses or domains you’ve blacklisted in Tools > Rules > Blacklist.

If the email that’s being moved to the junk folder is not located in the blacklist, it’s being marked as spam by the server.

I have only a few items in the eM Client blacklist so far. But a number of email messages that aren’t in the blacklist are being moved to  Junk E-mail. The messages in question are not marked as spam by the server. In fact the messages eM Client is moving to Junk E-mail are actually whitelisted on my mail server — I explicitly whitelisted all domains I wanted not to be marked as spam by the server.

I keep selecting these non-junk messages, then selecting Move to Inbox and remove blacklisted email — but when I receive messages from the same senders again later, they once again end up in Junk E-mail.

So I think there’s something happening that isn’t right. Considering my scant experience with the program so far, I’m not going to insist that this is a bug. But the feature doesn’t seem to be doing the right thing.

I have this issue also. My sister writes and somehow it always goes to the junk mail. Even though I move them to inbox. I have only put maybe 2 or 3 emails on the blacklist but where do I find it to edit it. It’s very frustrating .

You can find the Blacklist in Menu > Rules.
Edit the Rule and make sure that neither the address nor domain for your sister is there.

If it isn’t, then this is probably your email provider who is moving the message to spam.
Log in to your webmail interface with them, find the message in the spam folder and mark it as NOT spam. Thereafter the server will not move it.

Thanks for your reply. It seems in looking at the blacklist that my contacts are all in there. I certainly didn’t do that. In my gmail my sisters mail never goes into the junk folder so not sure why it is doing it here. I think I will delete that blacklist. I don’t like that everybods in there.
Thanks for showing me where it was :slight_smile:

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