the free signup page has a broken link

the link to the pricay policy is broken.
free email page from Google

privacy URL points to

and the message is
Error 404 - Page wasn’t found

The url you requested is no longer valid.

Hi Stephen,

I don’t know which brower you use, but both URLs resolve for me (Chrome browser)

The Privacy “page”  is to a PDF

done via this page

Not sure where your problem lies.
Is your browser set to open PDFs ?
You can see the URL if you hover  over the Privacy link
at the  bottom of  the page and it does not point to the “free license” page

Clear your browser Cache.


PS -There’s another post like this -which I  answered ,but the  OP doesn’t have the decency to respond…

thanks for checking.

and now it is working on Firefox on my Win7 desktop but not on my wife Win10 laptop with FF.

Sorry to raise a false alarm.

Hi, Thanks for the feedback.

I can understand the problem for some people if their browser is not set to open PDFs
and blocks downloads, unless approved by their over-aggressive  AV- or Anti-Malware protection.
In that case they won’t get too far…

Check your wife’s security settings and also PDF settings in the PDF reader
 and also in FF…re downloads

yes - done all that.

There are 2 PDF links on that page and the laptop was happy to open 1 so it isnt just about allowing PDF within the browser.

Time to go spelunkig in the AVG and Malwarebytes settings - but probably not until the weekend now.

I will update if I find anything that may help others, but sometimes this comes down to “it went away”…

  • who said computers dont have off days like us:)

Stephen, the link to the privacy policy pdf seems to be broken, as you mentioned. I have passed this on the eM Client for their attention.

Hi Gary,

Sorry Gary, I disagree,
There is nothing wrong with the 2 links…
They’re just not HTML links, but lead straight to PDFs
If you call that “broken” - Fine ,but theyre not  broken…

If your PDF  reader is not set to open in your browser,
you’ll get a blank page, but then you should get the download of the PDF.
You won’t get the download if you have blocked the download in your browser settings or security settings.

It’ s really that simple .

Not simple if you don’t know what your settings are…

It is working now, but earlier when I commented the privacy policy was not. The terms of use was working, so it was not a browser or other application issue.  

It may be that there was some issue with the site that has since been resolved.