The first letter of sentence at the beginning of mail can't be capital automatically

The eM client is a quite awesome app for win10 and a good substitution for outlook :slight_smile:

I currently use version 7 under free license for a trial, only defect I spotted pls could u fix it soon.

E.g. I have actived the function of " capitalize the first letter of sentence". But there still have a defect. See below different effect after I drafted mail:

Hi Xxx,

nice to meet u.

Hi Xxx.

Nice to meet u.

For sure the letter โ€œnโ€ of โ€œniceโ€ should be automatically capitalized with โ€œNโ€ even if I put the symbol " , "after Xxx. As the is the first sentence of mail.

Can anybody help to suggest a solution? Pls contact โ€œ[email protected]โ€, hope to hear from u.

I can confirm that the behavior you describe I also see.ย  Apparently, despite carriage returns, eM Client does not recognize โ€œNiceโ€ as a new sentence due to the comma after โ€œXxxโ€.

I canโ€™t think of a reason you would not want to capitalize a word after a carriage return, so I agree this should be changed.

It is a very simple rule, so not very sophisticated in guessing what you intended to type. :wink: Currently automatic capitalization only happens after a period or when it is the very first line of the email.

I use lists where there is no capitalization after a line break, and I would have to disable the feature if it changed that. Which would be a pity because it otherwise works really well where I am too lazy to use the shift key when beginning sentences. :slight_smile: