The EM clent does not show older mail, not showing in archive or inbox


I can not see email older than 24.4.2020.

I thought those are in archive, but in the archive there are only 4 emails, one from 31st January and 3 from the first days of March.

I am verry annoyed that apparently having a normal email client became rocket science. Also that the quota for inbox seems to be 1GB and can not be set.

What version of eM Client are you using?

Who is your email provider? If they restrict you to a 1GB Inbox quota, you should direct your frustration for that at them, not eM Client.

Actually the quota comes from EM client, the frustration comes from the fact that I am missing emails. Do you have any idea how to get them back?

Ver. 7.2.38732.0

No, eM Client has no quota, unless your server allows you to specify that. If that is the case, simply remove the setting you have changed in eM Client. You did not say who the email provider is!

Fine, maybe not, can not find it now. I did not change anything about the quota yet, no setting, remember?

I do not think I will give you my email provider. What does it have to do with missing emails in EM client?

Because eM Client has no Inbox quota, so it must be your provider who is limiting the Inbox to 1GB. If you don’t say who they are, how to know if there is a know issue with them.

I think it is not the email provider. I use 5% of the inbox. I went to my email via web interface, to double check this.

The issue is not any limit, unless it comes from eM Client. If your claim that the client does not have this limitation is true, than it must be another reason why my emails are missing.

The issue is not that I do not get email, I do get emails, this is not an issue. The issue is that the messages are disapearing from my eM Client inbox, probably after a fixed amount of time (unconfirmed).

Last dates for emails in my client inbox are 24.4.

eM Client has no limit on the size of the Inbox. There are many messages on this forum where users have Inboxes way in excess of 1GB. 

But also, eM Client is not compatible with a very few providers. You don’t have to mention who they are, but without knowing, there is no way to look for a solution.

If the messages are moving from the Inbox, can you search for them? Are they somewhere else? Do you have any filters on your provider’s web interface or other devices connected to the same account that might be responsible? eM Client can’t move messages after a certain time unless you have enabled Automatic Archiving. Then the messages will move from their folder to the Archive folders based on the age of the messages.



Search does not find missing mails, in fact I noticed this as I was searching for a email (dated somewhere in mid-april). I do have clients on other machines getting email from the same account. It worked so far (and they show all emails).

Is it possible the default setting for eM client is that it syncs to the account in such a way that it will reflect the exact state of the web inbox? So if old emails get deleted in the inbox it will delete them everywhere in eM client?

I have the Auto-archive function enabled, also I did allowed it to archive messages when asked.

List of email in inbox via web interface is I think (not 100% sure) same as in eM Client. This is unusual for me, as other mail clients I use do not share this feature.

Yes, this is the way IMAP works. Think of it as just the same as your webmail. If you delete something from the server, it will immediately be removed from eM Client.

Also from archieve???

Automatic Archiving moves messages from the server to local folders. Local Folders are not affected, and cannot be seen by the server or any other device that is connected to an IMAP account.

OK, so I either have an issue with my archiving or I have a device that affects the contents of the inbox on the server and the eM Client only reflects that.

I have to check the other clients too.

The Automatic Archiving is simple to check. You can just disable it and see if the behavior continues, or you can look in the Archive folder and see if the missing messages are there. Note that this is not the archive folder you might see in your account folders (like Inbox, Sent, etc.) it is a folder down the bottom of your folders in the left side-bar.

I will disable the feature and track the behaviour, see you in a couple of days.