The editing toolbar icons in a new mail are very small, can I make them larger?

When I compose a new email the fonts int the window are fine, except for the editing toolbar icons where things like font size, color, underline, italic are all very small

Hi Amy, unfortunately it is not possible to make the toolbar icons larger, however we’re working on an upcoming release of eM Client, which will include a new user interface including new toolbar icons.


Any time frame available? Is the pro version any different?

We will be releasing the upcoming version 7 which will feature a redesigned UI in summer 2015, you can check out the preview and follow the latest updates on our facebook page.

Has there been any update on this? My toolbar is so small, that I cannot use it (it appears at half the height of Arial 10pt. Thanks

Hi Drew,
the UI has been remastered for the upcoming version 7, the old UI is not compatible with higher DPI display settings, unfortunately.
Version 7 is currently in BETA testing.