The differences between Outook and Gmail tasks

emClient can cater to both Outlook and Gmail tasks (and maybe more). Both in Windows and in Android.

I’d appreciate a table in online help showing what functionalities emClient includes with both types, the pros and cons, and what functionalities emClient is working on.

Ditto with calendar entries.

Tasks synced with a server depend on what the server offers.

For example, Google are very limited, so all you get is the title, due date, status and unformatted notes:

Free MS accounts like offer more options, so:

If the account is syncing as Exchnage though (not available to free accounts) there are more options:

iCloud is similar to Exchnage:

CalDAV servers can offer even more options, the same as Local Folder tasks:

So it just depends on where you save the task.

Ditto with calendar events.

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