The delete button from the keyboard is not working inside a message

The delete button from the keyboard is not working inside a message. So in the message list I can use the delete button (so the physical button on the keyboard) to delete messages, but in a message reply the button don’t work. I don’t have a problem with this button in any other program… what can it be?

Hi Lucky, I’m not completely sure if I understand the issue, are you having issues deleting text while replying to your messages or are you unable to delete the message you’re responding to while composing a message? Or do you want to delete the reply you’re currently composing?

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Hi Paul, Thank you for your reply. It is the first issue you describe, so while composing a message I cannot delete Text with the delete button, backspace works fine…

Hi again, delete button should not be deleting text as you’re used to using backspace. Delete button should only remove selected text, for deleting composed text as you wrote it, you have to use backspace.

Or are you having issues while deleting selected text using the delete button?

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Hi Paul, it is the last issue so problem to deleting selected text using the delete button. I use EmClient also on my notebook and on this machine (also windows 8.1) I don’t have this problem. If I think back in time I think it started two updates of the EmClient ago…

I would like to confirm that this issue is still an issue.  That the “delete” key on my keyboard when composing a new email or replying to an email DOES NOT function as expected.  If I highlight text within either new email window (compose or reply) and press the “delete” key on my keyboard it does nothing.  If I perform the same action using notepad the highlighted text is erased/deleted as expected.  I cannot confirm when this started, but I can confirm that it is still a problem with the latest version - 6.0.23421.0.

Additionally, when pressing the “delete” key the traditionally response is that it erases/deletes the character to the right of the cursor.  It is rather annoying to have this behaviour not function the same within the window for composing or replying to an email.

Your swift attention to correct this issue would be greatly appreciated.  eM Client, in my opinion, is the best Windows OS mail client available today.  Keep up the exceptional work!

Hi Scott,
I tried to replicate this issue with my eM Client v6.0.23421.0, but I cannot replicate it, the delete button works as it should.
Could you try and see if you experience this problem in Internet Explorer (inside the url bar, when writing a comment, etc)?

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Hi Olivia…  Interesting - does eM client use/require any part of Internet Explorer or it’s dynamic link libraries?  As with my Windows 7 installation I’ve removed Internet Explorer in favour of Google Chrome.

Further to, I should note that Internet Explorer was removed after the initial installation of eM client.  However, I cannot recall if the last eM client update came before I removed Internet Explorer.

Hi Scott,
even if you have a different browser set as default, many windows applications use IE for certain web-related tasks or other features. eM Client v6 needs it as well.
I’m not sure how resolutely you removed IE (as Windows doesn’t really let you easily do so), but eM Client would not even work, so I suspect Windows just uninstalled the latest update/version of IE and is using an older version, which might cause your issues.
Please update your IE again for full functionality.

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Hi Olivia,

I am the topicstarter and unfortunately I can confirm that I have an untouched/unmodified windows 8 version and the delete button doesn’t work.

Hey Olivia,

Windows 7 provides the means to remove the browser - if you have a look here:

That URL provides the most accurate representation of what I did to remove IE.  I did so, of course, after first removing/uninstalling any Internet Explorer Updates listed in the Add/Remove Programs. 

As this method is supported by Microsoft and I haven’t “ripped” anything out - I suspect that IE still has left “footprints” within the OS.  It is curious, however, as the delete key not functioning has been the only negative I’ve seen - otherwise, eM client runs/functions flawlessly. 

Before I even begin to consider the possibility of restoring IE, I am going to uninstall and re-install eM client to see what, if anything, that results in. 

As stated, I suspect there are still IE footprints left within my OS installation and that eM client might have linked with an IE11 component rather than the default IE 8 that is the base install in Windows 7.

Thanks for the insight, I’ll post again once I’ve had an opportunity to test my theory.

Any update on this issue?  Anyone else able to reproduce the scenario of the ‘delete’ key not working inside an email message window?