The certificate issue

After installing the certificates (personal and commercial), all my mail is signed only by the commercial. I do not have the choice I want to sign. I need a message to sign for public administration by a personal but still signing only a commercial that is meant for encryption.

When installing (Menu - Tools - Settings - Signing and Encryption - Certificates and Keys - Adding a Certificate Key) I choose my “Oldřich Slezák.cer” certificate when it comes to reporting that the certificate is installed but none in the “My Certificates / Keys” window.

The case is resolved by the technical support of the certification authority through TeamViever.

I was told I should contact eM Client Technical Support now.

Encryption via public keys (both sides have the public key of the other) does not work at all :frowning:

Thank you for your answer and apologize for my very poor English :frowning: Is there any chance of contacting the Czech Republic in the Czech language?

As far as I know you cannot have two different keys for the same email address using 7.1.x, but there is some new options for this on the upcoming 7.2 release. You will just need to wait for the release. :slight_smile:

To contact eM Client Support, if you have a Pro License, then you need to open a support ticket at

I use encryption regularly, and don’t have any issues receiving or sending. Can you be more specific about what is failing when sending (you need the receiver’s public key) and receiving (you need to send your public key to the sender first).

Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

You probably do not use a digital signature to communicate from the state message, so you do not need two different ones :slight_smile:

I need one commercial to login (PC authentication) and mail encryption. Another person to communicate from the state authorities (for communication from the Czech authorities, the signature / certificate / must contain the name and surname, the full address of the permanent residence, the birth number and the personal ID card) and do you really want to send everyone? :slight_smile:

And the third one I use is to read every Email, and it only contains the E-mail address and the name, that is, no personal information.
In Outlock from Microsoft, I can choose to sign the message but I do not like it in many ways. So I was looking for a suitable alternative and I like this program but I just can not force it to choose what signature to sign the message.

In Outlock, everything works as well, so the problem has to hurt here. Do you have any information when the new version should come out? I do not want to pay full version if I have to look for another client where everything I need to work :slight_smile:

I have 4 main accounts setup in eM Client, and 3 of them use digital signatures by default. As long as you have imported your private key or created a new one for that email address using eM Client’s own facility, it should work without problem.

Reading what you have written, I don’t think you are talking about digital signatures. This is what a digitally signed message received by eM Client looks like:

A digital signature can be verified using the attached public key, or more normally if the key is not attached, by importing it from a PGP key server.

As you mentioned name, address etc, I assume you mean a text signature that appears at the end of the message. These can be set in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Templates and Signatures. You can create unlimited signatures and specify which signatures to use by default for each email address. You set different defaults for replies or forwards than you would use for new messages. You can also select the signature manually when composing a new message by right-click > Insert Signature, where you can choose one from the list you have created.

The release of 7.2 is imminent, but there is no announcement yet.

Of course, I know the difference between signing a message and an electronic signature :slight_smile:
Probably we misunderstood (also because of my very bad English). I’m concerned that when I sign an email I have to choose from three different electronic signatures according to who I write:

And the problem is that I can not install all three signatures into eMCliente so I can choose between them. Window is still empty:

And when signing the message:

… the message will be signed randomly (each time the other one is installed on the PC). I need to sign one of the three signatures :slight_smile:

So we can understand :slight_smile: One photo per thousand words :smiley:

In MS Outlok it is easy but sw Outlok does not suit me in many things :frowning: That’s why I’m looking for a suitable substitute and eM Client is up to this exactly according to my ideas :slight_smile:


Don’t know why you want to use more than one digital signature per email address, as all the digital signature does is verify the sender (your email address) and prevents tampering with the message content. You can have a key that contains more than one email address, and you can have multiple keys per address, but unfortunately you can only use ONE digital signature per email address in eM Client.

I suggest you open a support ticket with eM Client, and they should be able to give some comment about what will be available in the 7.2 release. I briefly looked at the beta version, and noticed that there was some option like you require. 

The new version released today fully supports multiple keys per address.

Hope that solves the issue.