Thank You!

I just like to thank you for giving us such a great software just for free. You’ll understand now that this means I’m a free user of your lovely em Client 4.0. Till now I was using Microsoft Outlook 2007 with my Gmail-Account had several issues to cope with. It was necessary to have different programs run in the background in order to sync everything (E-Mail, Contacts, Calender and Tasks).

This was a real pain since it was not always syncing correctly and especially to sync tasks was not possible. And than I found in a forum, very hidden and not easy to find, a recommendation to use em Client.

It solved all my problems in a minute, it was absolutely easy to import all e-mails from outlook and setting up new accounts is fantastic easy.

There are just minor thinks to be improved which will happen anyway, I guess.

Thank You! A new fan of your lovely Software!

Sincerely Yours