Textmail - reading font (Mac)

I have problems with reading pure text messages in em client 8 on Mac (Big Sur). If I set the font size to 10-12 pt, it is so tiny that I can not read anything. If I change it to 15 pt it is better but too big, at 16 pt it is smaller (!!!) but not right yet, at 17pt it is really huge. What does this mean? And what can I do?

I used em client until now on Windows and was quite happy. I’d like to use it also in the future, but…

Using eM Client for Windows if you click on an email you can eg: hold down the “ctrl key” and scroll your mouse wheel back or forwards (while holding) to increase or decrease the font.

eM Client on mac should have an equivalent key to scroll and adjust the font when reading emails.

Thank you. Unfortunately this doesn’t work with em Client Mac. OK. It’s a very good program for windows… It is difficult, nearly impossible to find a good mailer for Mac. :frowning:

Try Helvetica; 14pt, it works fine for me on a Mac

Thank you. Here not. But 16pt is OK.
(Really strange, that 14pt is so small that nobody can rad it, and 16 pt much bigger, whereas 17pt is so small as 14 pt. This must be a bug. But an. old one. I remember now that I had the same wie em client 7 on Mac…)

Try to reset the settings, go to “Preferences - Appearance - Lists” and click on the “reset to default” button.
After that setting the font again should work normally again

Thank you for your answer. Now I have a really huge font (I think, something like 30 pt or more). The setting ist “system font 13pt”. I think this means, I shall take Apple Mail. It has it’s own annoyances, but at least this works.

You need to change the font size in 4 places:

Thank you once more for trying to help me. I did, what you wrote. No the lists have a too big font, but it’s OK. The messages are unreadable. I attach a screen shot. If you don’t find it: Your message is directly below the big H on the left side.!

Bildschirmfoto 2021-04-19 um 11.59.22|690x251

I took it now the rough way: Deleted the settings folder and restarted. Now the font for reading mails ist Helvetice 12pt, a little bit too small. If I set it to Helvetica 14pt, it os extremely small. This means for em client 14 is smaller than 12. OK. I stay with Apple Mail.

Thank you for your help. It didn’t really help, but…

sorry it didn’t work