Text to speech

Great product! Do you have any plans to include text to speech? I suffered a stroke and lost the ability to read without great difficulty. Thanks


This is a function of external software, or as is the case in Windows 10, it is built into the operating system.

If you are using Windows 10, open Settings and type Speech in the search bar.

Thanks for such a quick response. I have been playing with speech in windows 10 and found a few problems with the way that it interacts. When I use Chrome as my browser, I can hi-lite text I want to be spoken and then read back, right-click my mouse “Read-aloud-selected-text”, whereas other programs such as yours, reads out just about everything on the page, which can be quite confusing. I realize that it is an added feature in Chrome, but it is quite helpful. Thanks. John

P.S. I did have the ability on my older computer, to hi-lite received text in Outlook and have only that information read back to me, and that is a function of Outlook. Thanks

Sorry, but one more thing, My older computer (Windows 8),gave me the ability to type while speaking to me, while Windows 10 does not. I have to turn off text when I want to type. I’m not sure it I have it set wrong or not yet, but it is quite irritating. Thanks again

Besides a brief look at Windows 10 Speech feature when Windows 10 was released, I have never used it so can’t offer anything beyond that I know it is there. Sorry John.

I have a problem with the text to speech. When I am trying to have text read, it starts repeating the word “link” over and over again and the only way to stop it is to go to another email. Thanks