Text not wrapping as I write a new email.

Setting up this client, every time I go to compose a new email, the text as I type never wraps. If I write a 600 word essay as an email, each word is just added to the first line unless I force paragraph break by hitting enter. Extremely frustrating if I’m writing an email with any kind of length. Am I missing something? Window resizing/dragging as I compose an email also does not effect text wrap.

Is this something new, or has it always been like this in eM Client?

Just downloaded the client for the first time so just started using it/setting it up today. Seems to be an issue with signature template we added to email composes. If i choose the signature template when creating a new email, the text will not wrap. When just clicking New -> Mail -> Default Template the text wraps and resizing responds correctly. I assume it is an issue with the signature we created (copied and pasted from our previous email client). So i’d chalk this is up to user error. Thanks for the quick reply.