text editor improvements I'd love to see


I’m not sure if any of these ideas are in the pipeline, but I’d love to see the following in the text editor, at least in the body of the email.

spelling check - setting to do spell check automatically before sending
spelling check - when right click on spelling error, automatically highlight the most likely option
spelling check - have auto correct system where you can teach it common errors and their correction
dragging selected text - intelligent space removal when dragging text from one place to another
dragging selected text - fade/remove blue highlight when dragging because it obscures the insertion point
editing - keystroke to toggle selected word upper/lower case
selections - ctrl-click to select a whole sentence like MS Word

Hi, all of these features will be considered based in users’s requests, but automatic spellcheck before send should be implemented in some of next updates.


Thanks Jan.

For me, these text editing functions are important way this good program could be strengthened. I hope others agree.

we will see, but just to inform we want eM Client to be as easy and lightweight as possible, that is why it we have not implemented it yet.