In my own theme the text color of the selected menu item is white. Since the background is also white I can’t read the text. Any help possible? I’m using the latest RC of Version 7. Thanks.

Then your personally created theme needs to be corrected. Use the themes provided with the installation to get out of this issue. Your custom theme must have the background colors incorrect.

Understood. Thanks. But can you tell me where and how I can change the colors and my own theme?

Open the theme file in a plain text editor that highlights the xml tags and look for the background color settings that you will need to change using Hex values for various colors. Use some hex color picker to determine your values, e.g., http://www.color-hex.com/color-wheel/

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Dear IsoQuantic,

thanks for the new post. I think the problem is the new Version 7 RC. The developers obviously changed the behaviour of the “Design”. All the designs I changed with version 6 are showing the same problem, that I can’t see the text in the selected menu items (background color white, text color white too).

It works well with Version 6.

BTW:: All the design which have been posted in this forum (and they are older too) having the same problem.

Best regards

Andreas Neubronner, Stuttgart (Germany)

Hello Andreas,
since version 7 has a completely new Graphic interface, the old files from version 6 will not work correctly, as some of the values have changed or have been added and removed.
You can open the emclient theme file in a text editor and edit the colours yourself - each item has a comment explaining which part of the program it influences.


Dear Olivia,

thanks for your reply.

Anyway: there is still a bug in the DESIGN-section:

If you simply store a selected design of the “official” Version 7-design under a new name and opening this “new” design, the problem with the unreadable text is back again. There is obviously something wrong.

Another question concerning this issue: why it’s not longer possible to change the color within the program (as it was in Version 6?).

For my taste all the designs delivered are too “white”. I want a design which is more comparable to the old design of OUTLOOK 2003 or even 2000.

Thanks for your reply in advance


Hello Andreas,
I’m having trouble replicating the unreadable text issue, can you specify which theme are you changing and what changes have you made?

Not including the color themes at this time was simply a choice made by the development team, as we focused on adding the long-awaited Dark theme as long as making many other changes to the whole GUI.
Thank you for understanding.


Click on the built-in Dark theme in settings. Now use the advanced button to save that theme to your desktop. Open it up and examine its settings to compare to your own theme. If you are using an advanced plain text editor, e.g., TextEdit or Editpad Pro, you can open the two files in comparison mode and examine where things are different. I suggested the Dark theme but do the same with any of the built in themes that are similar to what you are seeking.