Testing eM Client, no contacts were sync'd from gsuite, other issues

One of my main reasons to consider eM Client is that it’s supposed to sync gmail contacts and the labels associated with contacts. However none of my Contacts have been pulled down from gmail. I have been through many menu options and don’t see anything to adjust in this regard. I see many posts here re issues with Contacts. Is the contacts feature dead, or prone to breakage?

Other issues I have run into already: even though I asked it to import from my other email client, it didn’t seem to even try. And, after downloading 25k emails I needed to close eM Client, but it has not resumed the initial download, it’s still at 25k.

Can you go to Menu > Tools > Operations and see if there are any errors in the Log tab.

Thanks for replying. There are no errors listed. Am I correct in thinking that there are no special config steps needed in order to pull down the contacts and events? Events are also missing.

No special config other than setting up the GMail account using the Automatic Setup. That should add the following services to the account:

If you go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and scroll to the bottom of the General tab, make sure that Google Contacts is ticked as in the above screenshot.

Other than that, eM Client has been having some issues with Google recently. At least make sure you are using the latest version available in the Release History which addresses some of these issues.

Also, go to the Contacts section of eM Client and make sure that the Contacts folder for your account is ticked as in the following screenshot:

The only services listed as SMTP and IMAP. I must have chosen the automatic setup, but I don’t know how to explain the missing services. I don’t see a place to add the missing services?

OK, what you can do is remove the Gmail account from eM Client by clicking on the bin icon next to the account.

Then add it again by clicking on the + icon.

In the Automatic Setup, just enter the Gmail address and click Start Now.

I can do that, but this email account has a ton of emails. Will I need to download them all again? It also stalled at 25k emails, mentioned in my first post. I need to get all of the emails.

Maybe it didn’t work because I asked it to import from another email program. It didn’t seem to do that at all - didn’t import anything - downloaded everything from scratch - but the side effect might be the loss of the other services?

You can add the contacts separately then. 

Add a new account by clicking on the + icon. then choose Contacts > Google Contacts.

There are some issues with importing a Google account from another application. You don’t get the Google Calendar and Contacts. You don’t get Google Chat. You don’t get the out of office option for your Gmail account . . . .

Maybe I’ll delete the account and start over. Thanks for your help.