Terminated account

I had an account in the program that I connected to via IMAP. I downloaded the mail to my computer. I terminated my account with the provider, I want to keep the downloaded mail on my computer. Currently, this account is still trying to connect to the provider. Please advise me how to set up an email account in the program so that its content is preserved, but does not try to connect to the provider. Thank you

If your old IMAP messages “are fully cached” (where they read almost instantly) “disconnect from the internet” and then try moving them to local folders at the bottom left of eM Client.

You could create a folder called eg: Old Mail in local folders at the bottom left of eM Client, and then drag or move all your old IMAP account messages and message folders as they are directly underneath Old Mail.

Then once you are confident all your old IMAP mail is under Old Mail “and you can read all your messages ok”, then remove the old IMAP account and then reconnect to the Internet again.

You can then if you want drag or move any of your Old Mail IMAP mail messages to any new mail account or just keep them in local folders.

If you don’t have Local Folders showing in eM Client, good the “Menu / Settings / General” (PC) or “eM Client / Preferences / General” (Mac) and tick “Show Local Folders”. Then save settings.

Note: Before doing anything though incase you have any issues. Backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” (Pc) or “File / Backup” (Mac). You can see when the backup is complete via Show Operations in the dropdown on the right of Refresh