I just started using eM Client.  How do I get templates that I can use?

I assume you mean like the templates that are available for download in Outlook?  eM Client does not offer the canned templates like Outlook or some other clients, but you can create your own by going to menu/tools/settings/mail/Templates and signatures.

Thank you.  I never used Outlook.  I was using Thunderbird and had a lot of problems with it locking up my system.  I was hoping you had some canned templates for me to look at.  Thanks for the information. Do you know of any templates I could look at?

First, you need to know that I, like most participants on this forum, am just a user, not an eM Client employee (you mentioned “I was hoping you…” made me think you assumed I was affiliated with eM Client).  I don’t use a lot of templates and the ones I do use are primarily just text, so I’m not sure they would help you in any way.

Maybe some other users would like to share their designs.  Anything specific you are looking for?

Thanks Jay, I did think you worked or eM Client.  Again, for the information.