Templates and "send again"?

I am wondering if there is a template feature where you can save a message as a template and then use that template to create new messages? Thunderbird has this feature and I use it frequently as I run an internet group and send out reports, using a template and filling in the blanks.

Also, is there some way to resend a message again? I see only forward or reply. Again this is a feature Thunderbird has that I would love to have in a new email client.

I think your requests can be solved if you use drafts and Forward as original option. Create custom draft/s (compose new mail and save it e.g. by Ctrl+S) and then use it for creating new messages (from Drafts folder). Can this be satisfactory for you?

That works, but it was not obvious to me until I did it step by step.
Adding one more step will help.


  1. Create a new LOCAL folder named “Standard Messages.”
  2. Compose a message and “Save” which sends it to the “Drafts” folder.
  3. Drag & drop the message from the “Drafts” folder to “Standard Messages.”

To use:

  1. Right click the message and select “Forward” and “Send as Original.” That generates a complete copy of the message ready to be addressed. The original is kept intact to reuse and you will be able to find it in a well-named folder.