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Hi all,

Telus, an Large internet provider in Canada has chosen to migrate its mail services to the google platform. We are being asked to schedule a migration time and then create a new account on the new platform. Although we can keep our same email addresses. Of course they would rather us use their web based mail client. Par for course! Although Telus always had a web based client, I never used it, nor do i wish to use the gmail one.

I wish to continue using EM Client. Although I am a registered user of EM Client, Pro lifetime license, I am not as technical as some when it comes to email protocols and OAUTH.

I have always used an offline mail client and retain All email ever sent, and practically every email of value. I do not want to loose any mail in the process. I would think I should just be able to create the new account. And provide EM client with the new credentials such that new mail after the migration will simply be added to the inbox already associated with my Telus email ID.

I am hoping someone on this forum has completed the Telus Migration to the Google powered platform and can advise as to what to expect. Whether there was any gotchas, or setup issues.

If so please share your experience with us.


Hi there!
While I do not personally use Telus or their email services, I have used Gmail for quite some time and also gone through some internet provider migrations.
Once you go through the migration, adding (or re-adding) your account to eM client is rather easy. Simply go through the process to add an account (Accounts --> ‘+’ to Add an Account) and follow the prompts, entering your email address. Assuming Telus does their part and fully migrates to the Google platform, it should register as a Google email address and open a window for the Google login page. After you sign in, you should be set and able to continue using eM like you always have.

In terms of keeping your old messages, do you know if you’re using POP3 or IMAP for your current setup in eM? Depending on which might change your situation a bit, but either way you should be able to keep all your old emails.

Best of luck on the migration! If you run into any hiccups along the way, try putting some screenshots in a follow-up post and folks here might be able to provide some additional guidance.

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Hi jjcanderson,

Unfortunately, you are 8 months too late. I had 30 years of emails on my local drive. They were all accessible and searchable and complete with all attachments.

Working with em client support, telus support, and mail support, some code in the em client found it necessary to destroy 30 years of email. Even though the em client support person was explicitly told that i had this email in my em client storage folder, and was currently configured with pop3 on our main home pc while using imap on a number of apple devices that also received copies of on going emails.

And as luck would have it, shortly after the port of telus to the google platform, i had need to slim down my backups temporarily whilst installing additional drives into my nas. I made sure a had at least one clean copy of all data as i cleaned my pc data drive.

And low and behold the em client tech came in and configured me for imap. Poof 30 years gone, me feeling foolish for trusting and an apology from em client support gal saying sorry i thought you wanted imap!

Anyway i did have one backup drive that had about 28.5 years of my email. But the process to restore them is totally insane. I am told to redirect the path to emclient’s databases to the backup. But then i must manually import hundreds of thousands of eml files manually!

I really can believe em code can delete gigabytes of data from my hard drive without even a warning prompt! Shame on the developers for this.

I am still using em client even though my original purpose was for its pop3 support and access to all my historical email folders!

I am truly heart broken and hurting as that data was a huge resource of contacts and important events of our lives.

What else can i say!


Oh Alan, that is a sad tale indeed. 30 years of data and no recent backup! :sob:

This is why I recommend using eM Client’s Automatic Backup feature, and especially making a manual backup before removing or making changes to an account. It is easy enough to remove the wrong account, and lose all the locally stored POP3 data.

But this is where IMAP comes into it’s own. Because the data is stored on a server, removing the account from an application does not delete the data. If your hardware fails, or your laptop is lost or stolen, no problem. Even if you don’t have a backup, go to another computer, install whatever application you want, and everything is there.