Tasks Need a "Due' Time

Hi everyone. For a future release, it would be nice to have the tasks allow for not only the due date but also a specific due time. I know we can use a reminder time for that but 1. I have found the reminders to be unreliable on recurring tasks and 2. There is no way to sort based on reminder time. It drives me nuts that my tasks show up under tasks and on the agenda sidebar out of time order that they need to be accomplished. Thanks for listening to my rant and hopefully we can get this implemented!

We had this in the past.

However after some research we discovered that hardly anyone uses the time. So as it cluttered the interface and made it more complex, we decided to drop the due time completely. Sorry.

You can sort your tasks by reminder. Just click on the Sorted by option in the column header row and choose Reminder rather than Due.

Hmmm. I don’t seem to have that option.

Looks like you don’t have the Reminder column visible, so you can’t sort by what you are not displaying. Right-click on the column header row and choose Columns Configuration. Add the Reminder option to the right column.

We have this by default in the Detail view, but not in the List view you are using.

Ahh okay, that works but unfortunately, it doesn’t sort by the reminder time but it sorts by whether or not there is a reminder set at all.

I agree, because with caldav and synchronizing with other apps, the tasks appear as if taking the whole day at the same time with the same starting time at midnight. I have to update every task manually later on with these other apps.