Tasks displayed differently


I fullfilled tasks and they are correctly displayed with categories (today, future…).
These are google tasks.
I go on another PC and they are not correctly displayed, no categories anymore.

See screenshots

You should be able to mark the ‘category’ field as a visible column in your list with tasks.

  1. make sure you see the list with tasks

  2. click with the right mouse button on the header of the grid/table with tasks

  3. select ‘columns configuration…’

  4. make sure the category column is shown in the right list with columns to be shown.

Then you can sort tasks on the ‘category’ if you want.

Hi, exactly like Hans asks, do you have turned on “Show in groups” in eM Client on that second computer?



Yep, “Show in groups” is checked.
After following steps 1 to 4, i’m still searching to find the reason why display is different :slight_smile:

Ok, apparently, it’s just because tasks update does not work very well.
If i change tasks start date on one computer for example, it seems to not be taken into account on the second computer.

This is what we see on the screenshots, i should have see this before :slight_smile:
So if you have the same behaviour, then it’s a bug to resolve.

By the way, i suggest to have more visibility expose in em client, ie not just “Today” and “Future”, we also have this week, this month, name of months… having only 2 time projection is clearly not enough.

“Acknowledged”, means it should be solved shortly ?

Could you please make screenshot of “show in groups” when you right click on category row in task?

Also try clicking on some row, if it helps.



What is your email adress i can send you the screenshot ?

galis@emclient.com if you are going to send it over email then join link to this topic also.


I don’t manage to make a screenshot including the column popup in which “show in groups” is visible. Whatever i use the standard windows print screen or a screen capture tools like snagit, no way to have it but whatever, there is no difference between a screenshot showing “show in groups” is selected and me telling that “show in groups” is selected.

sorry for the very late reply, are you still experiencing this issue?
What eM Client version are you currently using?
What calendar/contact/mail service are you using for synchronization?

Thank you,

I’m using em client 6.0.19861.0 on both computers.
I’m just check and one computer have 4 groups(“Plus ancien”, “Il y a deux semaines”, “La semaine dernière”, “Futur”) , the other one 3.

Gmail is used.
So yep, there is still a problem

you can adjust the view in the tasks by sorting the tasks by when the task is due, if you sort the by due date all the categories should be shown (like for example: today, tomorrow, friday,…).
If you sort them by start date they’ll only be sorted by today and future.

I hope this is an answer to your question.

Thank you,

If i click on start date or due date column, it just change the sorting, not the number of groups

the number of groups always changes based on the column you’re using to sort out the tasks, there’s a system that always aligns to what you’re trying to view.
If you sort out the task by Percent, groups base on what progress have you done will be seen etc.
See screenshots below…

Yes but i don’t play with Percent in my example, just start date and due date. Whatever i click, i always have 4 groups on computer 1 while i have 3 groups on computer 2.

Hi, can you please provide a screenshot of the same view on computer A and computer B?

Thank you,

Of course, i’ve just sent them to galis@emclient.com as requested above.