Tasks are not in sync with Google

Tasks are not in sync with Google. When I login google from browser, I see the actual tasks (Also in GoTasks on iPhone), but eMClient shows a lot of old entries. Very frustrating. Most probably, because of that reason I’ll go back to Outlook

not sure what the issue is? Are you seeing past tasks in eM Client? If the tasks are finished you should be able to click on “Hide Completed” in the toolbar in the Task view and hide the completed tasks.

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Actually everything is wrong with the tasks. I am not using emclient for tasks. I still see completed tasks from months ago!!! I enter a task in browser and emclient still does not show (More than 5 days).
So, to sum up, emclient is terrible in google task sync and I decided not to pay for pro license.

Hi, if you’re seeing completed tasks you probably have the “Hide Completed” button inactive, please make sure it’s highlighted in grey to hide the completed tasks.

Can you please provide a screenshot of your tasks on eM Client and on your Gmail account that shows the tasks haven’t been synchronized?

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I will not spend not even 10 seconds for emclient task management. You can close this section. Lets forget it, no use. It is broken !!!

Thanks for your interest.

I ony use GoTasks (iPhone app) for task management nowadays and it’s perfect.